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Actions as data

with Alejandro Serrano Mena


Code seems to be divided in these two worlds: things are either data we model, or behaviors that manipulate data. But what happens when behaviors are what we have to model?

In this talk we look at a concrete example — modeling the attacks in a trading card game — and refine the model step by step. By the end we reach what other communities call “initial encodings”, a powerful technique for your domain-specific languages.

About the Speaker – Alejandro Serrano

Alejandro is a trainer and software engineer specialized in functional programming. Before that, we was a PhD and lecturer at Utrecht University, working on compilers for functional languages. He has written three books, “Practical Haskell”, “The Book of Monads”, and “Haskell (Almost) Standard Libraries”, and it’s active in promoting functional programming and formal methods.

Alejandro Serrano Mena

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