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with Jakob Löhnertz


Most people run their Kotlin code on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). But did you ever wonder about how Kotlin can be so concise, clean, and expressive to read and write compared to Java, while in the end it will just be compiled to JVM bytecode nonetheless?
There must be quite some heavy lifting going on under the hood of the compiler to achieve this.

I analyzed almost 40 of Kotlin’s features (virtually all there are) in that regard for you to present you with the most intriguing results while explaining how the Kotlin compiler and IntelliJ IDEA work to pull off this feat!

Prerequisite knowledge

Having at least heard about the majority of Kotlin’s features & Basic Java knowledge

About the speaker

Jakob Löhnertz

Software Engineer (Picnic) by day & YouTuber (The Self-Taught Software Engineer) at night

Jakob was born and raised in Germany but is living in the Netherlands nowadays. He originally moved to Amsterdam to study for a master’s degree but loved the city and country so much that he stayed ever since. He runs the educational YouTube channel “The Self-Taught Software Engineer” in his free time, which, among a large variety of topics, has quite some Kotlin-themed content. Like his job, he’s working as a software engineer on Picnic’s (Dutch online supermarket) automated warehouses for many years now.

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