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How Kotlin helps stave off Software engineering entropy

with Bart Enkelaar


Software engineering is all about balancing conflicting interests to come to optimal solutions. Developing, running, and maintaining software systems that deliver value gets more complex every day. This talk takes a first-principles look at the limitations of software engineering and how Kotlin can help mitigate them

BIO: Bart Enkelaar

Site Reliability Engineer, Irish folk singer, and Space junkie –

Being an optimistic bubble of enthusiasm from the day I was born did not help with getting some focus in my life.

However, when building rockets, breathing fire in Romania, or chopping wood in France didn’t pan out, I decided to give this Software Engineering thing a go. That was over ten years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

For the last five years at bol, I’ve focussed heavily on backend software, which leads me to conclude that we need to find a better way to balance innovation with reliability. SRE just might be that way.

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