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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile: From Hello World to Production

with Pamela Hill, Tadeas Kriz


Have you given Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile a try? Are you wondering how you take your “Hello World” app to something with more substance that is also ready for production? This talk will help with that by discussing:

  • Use case scenarios, including how to incorporate the technology into existing applications.
  • Recommendations and how-to’s for choosing and implementing your app architecture.
  • Approaches for unit and automated testing.
  • Suggestions for getting your CI/CD pipelines in place.
  • Recommendations for debugging crashes in production.

By the end of this talk, you should be able to take your “Hello World” to “Hello Editor’s Choice.”

Prerequisite knowledge

Only the very basics of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is necessary.

About the Speaker Pamela Hill

Pamela is a Developer Advocate for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile at JetBrains and has more than 20 years of experience writing desktop, web and mobile apps.
Pamela Hill

About the Speaker Tadeas Kriz

Tadeas is now a Senior Mobile Developer at Touchlab, experimenting with Kotlin’s compiler plugins. Began as PHP developer, moving to .NET desktop apps later on. Finally landing in mobile development with Android first and then falling in love with iOS. Fortunately Kotlin Multiplatform happened, opening the path to doing both mobile platforms. Do NOT feed after midnight!

Tadeas Kriz

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