Kotlin Dev Day
Advanced Edition
November 24
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Kotlin™ Dev Day

Let’s bring the fun back to events! Kotlin Dev Day will be THE in-person conference for people interested in Kotlin with an awesome venue: the Johan Cruijff ArenA!

Engage with experts from JetBrains, Xebia, and other Kotlin enthusiasts from leading tech companies like Rabobank, Bol.com, Adyen, and many more.

Kotlin Dev Day is proudly powered by Xebia.

Get ready for Kotlin Dev Day

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Kotlin Dev Day in the Johan Cruijff ArenA!

Johan Cruijff ArenA. Open For Innovation.

It’s not only the home of the legendary no. 14 but they also initiate, test, and accelerate solutions in a real-time playground and scale them globally. They operate as a small and smart society, with millions of visitors, and make talent and impact visible.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is the most innovative stadium in the world. Learn why »

Get inspired by like-minded people!

Join like-minded people and deep-dive into Kotlin together.

Expect keynotes, live-coding sessions, and a lot of social talks with like-minded people you’ll meet.

A Not-for-Profit Conference!

All profits will be flowing back to the community

We are doing this for the community. At this event, we take “paying it forward” literally and are donating/investing all profits to a cause that is related to software development.

The attendees of the event will vote where the profits go to. Feel free to do a suggestion.


James’ Top 5 Kotlin Things to Get Excited About in 2022 James Ward
Idiomagic Kotlin – the key to unleashing Kotlin’s true potential Urs Peter
The Silver Bullet Syndrome Part 2 – Complexity Strikes Back! Hadi Hariri
Shoulders of Giants: Languages Kotlin learned from Andrey Breslav
Common Kotlin Coroutines use-cases and how to test them Marcin Moskala
Kotcha! Jeroen Rosenberg
Building apps with Ktor Anton Arhipov
Multiplatform success stories (and fuck ups) Liliia Abdulina
Dekompiled Jakob Löhnertz
Introducing Kotlin Multiplatform in an existing project Marco Gomiero
Analytics under control with code generation Victor Oliveira
Kotlin for Data science Ramandeep Kaur
Hexagonal architecture with Kotlin Jan Verhoeckx
How Kotlin helps stave off Software engineering entropy Bart Enkelaar
Some thoughts on Context Receivers and their use cases Pelle Wielinga
Plugin and play Simone de Gijt
Extending kotlinx.serialization functionality with Arrow Meta Karin-Aleksandra Monoid
How we built and migrated our Spring Boot applications to Kotlin Ko Turk
Meet Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Piotr Prus
External domain context with Ktor and Kotlin DSL for expressive and resilient testing Mykola Gurov
Super-charge your build with Arrow Analysis Alejandro Serrano Mena
Lies told by the Kotlin compiler (and friends) Garth Gilmour, Ryan Adams
Pragmatic Functional Programming Jerre van Veluw
Building strongly typed web services with Kotlin Ktor Julien Salvi
Event Sourcing with Kotlin, who needs frameworks! Nico Krijnen
Adopting Jetpack Compose Khaleel Freeman
Concurrency made easy with Kotlin Coroutines Riccardo Lippolis
Using C & native platforms in Kotlin : Building a multi-platform advanced library Salomon Brys
Composing an API with Kotlin Márton Braun

Meet the speakers

Hadi Hariri VP of Developer Advocacy @ JetBrains
James Ward Kotlin Product Manager @ Google
Karin-Aleksandra Monoid Senior Software Engineer
Urs Peter Senior Software Engineer & JetBrains certified Kotlin Trainer @ Xebia
Andrey Breslav Co-founder @ Alter - ex-Kotlin
Marcin Moskala Kotlin Trainer, Author & Founder of Kt. Academy
Pelle Wielinga Solutions Architect @ Quin
Khaleel Freeman Android Engineer @ Adyen
Simone de Gijt Kotlin & Java Software Developer @ OpenValue
Márton Braun Android Developer Relations Engineer @ Google
Garth Gilmour Senior Trainer and Coach at Instil Software
Jerre van Veluw Flock. Community Software Engineer
Liliia Abdulina QA Lead at Kotlin, JetBrains
Anton Arhipov Kotlin Developer Advocate @ JetBrains
Jeroen Rosenberg Dev of the Ops - Software Engineering Consultant @ Xebia
Salomon Brys Founder @ Kodein Koders
Riccardo Lippolis Kotlin Hipster
Ramandeep Kaur Software Engineer @ Rabobank
Patrick Akil Host of Kotlin Dev Day & Beyond Coding Podcast
Jan Verhoeckx Software Developer @ Topicus Healthcare
Ko Turk Java / Kotlin Developer @ Blue4IT
Piotr Prus Android Developer
Anna J McDougall Host of Kotlin Dev Day
Bart Enkelaar Lead Site Reliability Engineer
Julien Salvi Lead Android Engineer @ Aircall
Alejandro Serrano Mena Trainer and Software Engineer @ 47 Degrees
Victor Oliveira Senior Android Engineer @ adidas
Marco Gomiero Senior Android Engineer @ TIER
Bjorn van der Laan Host of Kotlin Dev Day
Jakob Löhnertz Software Engineer @ Picnic by day & YouTuber at night
Ryan Adams Software Trainer at Instil Software
Nico Krijnen Cloud Solution Architect
Mykola Gurov Backend Software Engineer

Community Sponsors

Conference Sponsors

These sponsors make this conference possible! A big shoutout to each of them. Be sure to visit their booths at the event to have a chat and participate in all the activities they came up with :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Kotlin Dev Day?

This event is for all developers/engineers that love to know more about Kotlin, both from the server side and Android communities.

You don’t need to be a Kotlin expert to understand what’s going on. A basic understanding of Kotlin or Java should be enough to have a great time learning new things.

When and where does Kotlin Dev Day take place?

This event starts at 08.30 am CEST on Thursday, May 19. The program will end at 17.30 pm and there will be informal drinks and networking after.

The in-person conference takes place at the Johan Cruijff Arena:
Johan Cruijff Boulevard 1
1100 DL Amsterdam

Types of tickets

Super Early Bird: €49
Early Bird: €99
Regular: €149

* Prices are excluding VAT

Are there any Covid measures?


How can I submit my talk?

Submitting your talk can be easily done through Sessionize: